Version 23.0 Procountor

Version 23.0 of Procountor will be published on the 17th of March 2018. Maintenance work for the version update will be done between Friday March 16th from 8pm until Saturday March 17th at 8pm. Procountor will be unavailable for use during this time.

Procountor’s new features in version release 23.0

Sales invoice layout

We added the abbreviations IBAN and BIC to the invoice footer on a sales invoice. This makes the footer of the sales invoice more clear and easy to read

New graphical report: Management reporting by dimension

New graphical report “Management reporting by dimension”can be used to monitor and compare the periodic and cumulative development of the income Statement or Balance Sheet for the selected period and the comparison periodby dimension items. The report shows also budgeted details.The report data can be shown monthly or quarterly in graphical format.(More information in the Procountor online user manual)

Table reports

Collection and late payment fees report. This report shows collection fees and interest on late payments by customers from selected period. Also can be selected to view invoiced or not invoiced fees or both. (More information in the Procountor onlineusermanual)

Payment behaviour report. Both own and customer payment behaviour can be followed with this new report. (More information in the Procountor online user manual)

Accounting reports. Transactions by dimensions is our new Accounting report. It lists all of the transactions that have been allocated to dimensions and items and also shows all of the allocations. (More information in the Procountor online user manual)

Own report formula. Minor changes to the own report formula view e.g. user can now select, which rows are shown in bold text.

Period reports Accounting report divided into periods is now available in all environments (except in the smallest of the ledger versions). It is possible to select accrual period per invoice row if enabled in the usage settings.

Other improvements

Attachment handling –new panel. This feature was released for purchase invoices in November. We are releasing some improvements to the functionality in this version.

A new option on ”Personal information and settings” view. The users will now have an option to select whether they are willing to receive notifications about possible Procountor service disruptions via email. If the option has been enabled the user will receive email notifications about Procountor service disruptions. NB! However, this service will be activated only later on.

 A new option on “Create new user” view.