Version 55.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, September 18th.


In the version update of September we release new features to balance sheet itemization. Please notice, that some of the new balance sheet itemization features are available only in the Procountor environments with the new chart of accounts. Further information about new features of balance sheet itemization can be found below. Besides the new balance sheet itemization functions, we release a new user right limitation, improve bank account balance request and bring new functions to payroll module. We also release several usability improvements.


  1. Balance sheet itemization (changes for all Procountor environments)
  2. Balance sheet itemization (changes for Procountor environments with new chart of accounts)
    1. How do I know whether or not my Procountor environment has the new chart of accounts?
  3. Bank account balance request
  4. Users and privileges
  5. Payroll
  6. Usability improvements




  • We have added possibility to bring previous balance sheet itemization for selected accounts only. It is still possible to brig it for all accounts as well.
  • We have added a notification if there are unfinished transactions within the given period in the Balance sheet itemization view.

  • We have added possibility to set custom date and explanation when combining transaction rows in Balance sheet itemization view.
  • We have removed non-business transactions (receipt types Purchase order, Sales order and Offer) from balance sheet itemization view.
  • Balance sheet item is now possible to be added with Paste transactions in Ledger entry tool (Accounting > Ledger entry tool). There are few validations for Balance sheet items to be added:
    • Balance sheet item must exist in the Balance sheet item register
    • Balance sheet item must be active
    • Upper and lower cases in balance sheet item name are treated as same item name
  • We have added possibility to passivate multiple balance sheet items at the same time in balance sheet item register.
  • We have fixed that it's not possible to add balance sheet item to other than balance sheet accounts, not even if user changes the account number afterwards


How do I know whether or not my Procountor environment has the new chart of accounts?

  • Your Procountor environment has the new cart of accounts if you have access to Chart of accounts (new) view in your Procountor environment. The Chart of accounts (new) view can be found from Management > Accounting info > Chart of accounts (new). There are two possibilities how your Procountor environment can have the new chart of accounts. (1) Your Procountor environment is new, and it has been created with the new chart of accounts (2) or you have older Procountor environment, but it has been migrated to the new chart of accounts. We are starting the migrations during the autumn 2021 and you will be notified, when your Procountor environment will be migrated to the new chart of accounts.
  • Further information about chart of accounts renewal in Procountor can be found here.
  • When your Procountor environment has the new chart of accounts, the following features will be available.

Balance sheet accounts settings for itemization

Settings view can be found by selecting Management > Accounting info > Chart of accounts (new) and by clicking Balance sheet accounts settings button. In Balance sheet accounts settings for itemization, it is possible to set the way automated itemization is done. User can also modify account’s visibility in balance sheet itemization and usage of balance sheet item recommendation in accounting views. In the view it’s possible to search for wanted account by account number or name or use filters to filter out certain accounts which have certain settings for automated balance sheet itemization.

  • Please note that Search transactions, Searches financial year balance (net profit), Search open balance sheet items, and Search open invoices can't be selected together. Only one option of these four can be selected.
  • These settings determinate how automated itemization is done in balance sheet itemization view. We have not changed any logic behind these functions.
  • For all Swedish, Norwegian and Danish environments Balance sheet account settings for itemization are set default as no automation. User can adjust settings.

Automated balance sheet itemization

We have added possibility to do automated itemization according to settings which are visible in Balance sheet accounts settings for itemization view. Automated itemization can be done by selecting Accounting > Balance sheet itemization and the by clicking on the Automated itemization button. It’s possible to make adjustments to settings if needed in Balance sheet accounts settings for itemization view.

It is still possible to do itemization manually. Itemization can be done manually before or after use of automated balance sheet itemization. Automated itemization has the same functions as the lower table buttons Search opening balance, Search transactions, Search open invoices, Search financial year net profit and Search open balance sheet items.

Balance sheet item as a search criterion in general ledger

We have added balance sheet item as search criteria for general ledger. The new search criteria can be found by selecting Accounting > Accounting reports (new) > General ledger > More options.

There are three different quick filters for balance sheet items on accounting entries in drop-down menu:

  • Transactions for accounts with recommendation
  • Transactions with balance sheet items
  • Transactions without recommended items

Balance sheet items:

  • Search for certain balance sheet item(s)

Recommendation for the usage of balance sheet item(s)

We have added a recommendation as a reminder to use balance sheet items in accounting views and in ledger entry tool view.

Recommendation needs to be set on in two places:

  • Management > Company info > Usage settings > Balance sheet item on accounting page > Show recommendation note for balance sheet items
  • Management > Accounting info > Chart of accounts (new) > Balance sheet accounts settings > Balance sheet item usage recommendation


  • We have added a possibility to navigate easily to the History tab of Real-time bank account balance view, if an error occurs when requesting balances on the Bank statements and reference payments view.
  • Information about all errors that can occur when requesting the latest bank account balance is collected under one info button that is located on the header of the Error message column.
  • Further information about Real-time bank account balance can be found from Procountor's online manual.


We have added a new user right restriction to the Users and Privileges view (Management > Users and Privileges): API login only. When enabled for a user they will only be able to log in using the API and M2M authentication. We recommend enabling this setting for technical users created for backend API integrations.


Salary calculation at the end of the year

  • Last year we changed the year-end process so that it is possible to create January salary list already in December. Now we are releasing some improvements for that:
    • Last year, while creating the January salary list, Procountor reminded about updating of the custom accident insurance percentages and car/accommodation benefit values. This year we will also provide you a list of the employees having these custom percentages and benefits.
    • With custom accident insurance percentages it is now possible to update the percentage for the new year already at the salary list creation. The percentage will then be updated to the salary info of the employee in question.
      If the employee doesn't have the custom accident insurance percentage anymore, you can enter the normal percentage instead and it won't come up to the exception list anymore.

Salary periods

  • While creating new salary periods for a new year, Procountor checks if public holidays have been entered for that year. If public holidays have not been entered, Procountor prevents the salary period creation.

Car benefit

  • In case the car's introduction year is the upcoming year, the car benefit can be calculated already in the previous year, if the values for the new year have been entered.


Sales reporting

  • It is now possible to run reports based on the customer or product on the invoice in Sales reporting.
  • We have added the customer number to be shown with the customer’s name on Sales reporting.
  • We have added an option to run the report using the receipt date on Sales reporting.

Exporting company data

  • Salary records content can now be properly exported.
    • Salary list has been created as a new PDF.
    • Earnings payment report (EPR) and Employer's separate report (ESR) PDFs have been created.
    • These PDFs are retrievable via interface as well.

Cash flow forecast

  • Benefits given to employee are no longer counted as net pay in Cash flow forecast.

Management reporting

  • When taking PDF of Income statement in Management reporting the order of items shown on the PDF is now the same as in the main report.

Bank statements and reference payments

  • Fixed an issue with bank statement balance not being shown as the latest balance on Bank statements and reference payments view, even if it was newer than the requested one.