Version 51.0 of Procountor was published on Saturday, April 17th.


In April's version release we are releasing Procountor Junior, which brings artificial intelligence to Procountor. Junior works as an assistant for the accountant by making suggestions for the postings of the purchase invoices.

We also release a new Date of Birth field to Person register, and a bunch of smaller usability improvements, for example, to reporting.


  1. Procountor Junior
  2. Holiday pay
  3. Person register
  4. Usability improvements




What is Procountor Junior?

  • Junior is an artificial intelligence assistant predicts postings, VAT statuses and VAT deduction right percentages.
  • As Junior makes these account posting suggestions, the user’s responsibility is to check and verify their correctness.
  • Junior can be enabled on all purchase invoices or only on certain suppliers and/or invoices.

How can Junior be enabled to Procountor environment?

  • An implementing tool can be used when implementing Junior to the Procountor environment. The implementing tool provides information and examples about Junior's functions before user decides whether he/she wants to enable Junior or not.
  • In order to be able to implement Junior in the Procountor Environment, the company must have a Finnish Procountor Financials environment that is in production (not a test version). Also, there must be at least 50 purchase invoices within 12 months, and the purchase invoices must be posted by row. 

Where can I find further information?


Change in holiday calculation basis in the middle of the holiday credit year

  • Changing holiday calculation basis in the middle of holiday credit year (HCY) hasn't been a supported functionality in Procountor. For example, when salary slips have been first calculated and paid with one calculation basis setting and then change to another calculation basis, the following situation occurs when trying to pay holiday pay from that HCY: the salary type can be added to the salary slip but it won't have a sum, and it can't be edited.
  • We've added information about this to the Holidays tab and in the view where holidays are paid.
  • We are developing Procountor so that in the future this functionality will be supported, so please follow the upcoming release notes.
  • If the holidays need to be paid before the functionality is supported, you might need to turn off holiday pay functionality for that employee and pay the holiday pay manually.
  • In the beginning of HCY, before having any salary slips, the change of calculation basis is fine and it will not cause the situation described above.

A notification about editing the info on Holidays view

  • In the Holidays tab there was a notification that informed the user and prevented any changes to the view, if open salary slips existed for the employee in question.
  • This unfortunately didn't check the holiday credit year that the open slips belonged to, so it made the notification and edit preventing unnecessary in some cases.
  • This has been now changed, so that the editing of the view is prevented (and notification shown) only if the open slips concern the holiday credit year in question.


  • A new Date of birth field has been added to the Person register (Registers > Person register or Payroll > Person register).
  • The new field will automatically be filled out based on the ID field if it is possible. 
  • Adding the field is part of the preparation work for bigger renewal of the ID field.
    • We will allow ID formats that the Incomes Register allows. Further information about the ID field renewal will be provided in release notes as the project goes further.
  • For now the Date of Birth field is informative, but its function will change in the future releases. Further information will be provided in the upcoming release note.s doesn't impact anything, but in next release it most likely will. So please follow the upcoming release notes.


Bank statements and reference payments view

  • We have added a new field to the Bank statements and reference payments view.
  • The new field shows the balance of the bank account that is selected to the Account number field.
  • The balance of the selected account is based on the latest bank statement of the account.
  • The field also shows the date of the latest bank statement.

Sales reporting

  • Sales reporting shows now correct percentages on report and PDF.
  • Further information about Sales reporting can be found from Procountor's online manual.

Management reporting and Management reporting by dimension

  • Rounding issues have been fixed.
  • Budget figures now  appear to the (Income Statement / Balance Sheet) visualization on Management reporting by Dimension report although no receipts exist for budget account.
  • Budget switch now hides the budget from the graph in Management reporting and Management reporting by dimension reports.
  • Further information about before-mentioned reports: