Balance sheet itemization (changes for all Procountor environments)

  • We have changed the logic of the note about unfinished transactions. Note will be displayed when user changes period or dates in the view and the new changed period contains unfinished transactions.

Balance sheet itemization (changes for Procountor environments with new chart of accounts)

How do I know whether or not my Procountor environment has the new chart of accounts?

  • Your Procountor environment has the new cart of accounts if you have access to Chart of accounts (new) view in your Procountor environment. The Chart of accounts (new) view can be found from Management > Accounting info > Chart of accounts (new). There are two possibilities how your Procountor environment can have the new chart of accounts. (1) Your Procountor environment is new, and it has been created with the new chart of accounts (2) or you have older Procountor environment, but it has been migrated to the new chart of accounts. We are starting the migrations during the autumn 2021 and you will be notified, when your Procountor environment will be migrated to the new chart of accounts.
  • When your Procountor environment has the new chart of accounts, the following features will be available.

Balance sheet account settings for itemization view

  • It is now possible to put on simultaneously Search opening balance and Search open invoices settings in Balance sheet account settings for itemization view.

A new column for balance sheet items

  • We have added own column for balance sheet item in itemization view. Column shows balance sheet item separately after manual or automatic itemization
    • Balance sheet item is shown separately with actions: Search open balance sheet items, Search transactions and with Bring previous balance itemization.
    • After using Bring previous balance itemization function for given account then all transactions from previous financial year are brought with filled Balance sheet item column, if previous transactions had balance sheet item assigned.
    • If Combine rows function has been performed, new combined row does not have Balance sheet item field filled in.

Sales reporting

  • We have added separate columns for product code and customer number for sales report.
  • We have fixed sales reporting product group and partner group on report shown as N/A if group-field is empty.

Payment reminders

  • Previously, if a different user sent a payment reminder ​to a customer than who sent the original invoice to the customer, and customer replied to the message, the e-mail ended up to the sender of the original invoice instead of the person sending the payment reminder. This was now fixed, so the reply goes to the person who sent the reminder.