Creating a new journal receipt

  • We have added an option to create a new journal receipt by selecting New > Journal receipt on the left side menu. Link opens the same view as Accounting > New Journal receipt New option is available for same users who have been able to create new journal receipts before as well.


Bank statements and reference payments

  • The user will not see bank account balances on the Bank statements and reference payments view, if the bank account has transactions that have dimensions to which the user doesn't have user rights.

Improvements to reporting

Purchase reporting

  • We have added Billdate (invoice date) and Receipt date (accounting date) options into Figures section in Purchase reporting.

Sales reporting

  • Sales reporting shows product code and customer number in search criteria when invoice product or invoice customer is selected.
  • We have fixed the To details button on sales reporting. Now the button shows the proper columns for sorting the report.

Cashflow reporting

  • We have added a new Overdue column into Future details table on the view.