New chart of accounts features

We will release new “Chart of Accounts” features in Procountor. These features will improve accounting and reporting functions in numerous ways.

From May's release onwards, all new Procountor environments (i.e. environments created after May 21st) will have the new Chart of account features in place. These new environments will not have visibility to old Accounting reports and old Chart of accounts.

The new Chart of accounts features will be introduced to existing Procountor environments during May and June. Please note that the new features are released in sections and your Procountor environment may see the new features in either May or June. Each customer will be notified about the new features with a pop-up notification inside Procountor before the new features are introduced in that environment.

The deployment of the new features does not require any specific actions from users. All existing information in the environment, such as the current chart of accounts, remain the same. The new features will, for example, enable editing the chart of accounts and accounting report formulas more flexibly. You can find more information on the new features below.
The previously used accounting functions, such as the old accounting reports view, will be visible in Procountor environments (excl. new environments) for a few months alongside the new features/views, however they will be removed later.

The new Chart of accounts features include the following changes:

  • New chart of accountsModifying the chart of accounts for your own specific needs is now easier. The account groups and headers are no longer fixed, instead they can be edited freely.
  • Renewed accounting reports. The new accounting reports use new default report formulas that have been created for Danish environments. In addition, the search criteria have been improved and the user can e.g. select the search criteria to be shown and share them to other users.
  • Updated report formulas (in accounting reports). Creating custom report formulas with key figures is now easier and more efficient with a new row function type. Report formulas can be created with the new “Report formulas (new)” button on the new accounting reports view.
  • Freely editable default accounting report formulas. It is now possible to edit the default accounting report formulas, that is how the income statement and balance sheet are presented in accounting reports.
  • Renewed balance sheet itemizationGenerating a balance sheet itemisation will be easier as a result of improved automation. The applicable settings are determined on a new “Balance sheet accounts settings for itemization” view.
Detailed instructions for these new features will be published soon in our user manual.
You can already read more about the new features in our article in English, but please note that this article concerns Finnish environments and thus includes some instructions that do not apply in Denmark (e.g. the schedules mentioned in the article, the income tax return and the closing of accounts tool).

Other new features in version 64.0

Verification threshold for NETS direct debit collection in Danish environments is now 30 days. Earlier it was 16 days.